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To have a safe and cost effective solution for every kind of oil burner service in Long Island or gas burner repair, you are always welcome to contact KN Heating & Cooling.

Burners can be categorized into several groups as oil burners, gas burners etc. However, the burner at your home likely suits the theme and decors of your home already. But if the burner is broken, there is no other way and you, must replace it or repair it. It is a headache to find a new one that fits. Therefore it’s easier and cheaper to simply repair the one that you have compared to buy a new one. In some cases, the one that you already have may be more worthy than the new burner you are going to purchase. According to the researches and surveys have done so far, repairing the burner is much more cost effective than buying a new one.

Oil Gas Burner Repair 1 1 - Oil & Gas Burner Repair
Oil Gas Burner Repair 2 2 - Oil & Gas Burner Repair

By the way, repairing must also be done consciously because a single issue can cause a vast damage, even death.

Oil burner repairs may include

  • Not running
  • Odors
  • Oil leaks
  • Smoke & soot
  • Noises

After clearly identifying there is an issue in the burner, the next thing to follow is finding a suitable person to check on that.

In the process of gas & oil burner service in Long Island, KN Heating & Cooling will provide the specialist in the industry for the purpose and the 24/7 service of gas burner.